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Small kitchen? No problem!

Having a small kitchen can be discouraging when looking to upgrade. Here are some pro tips to turn a small kitchen into an attractive room with maximum space and more storage.


You may not have enough walking room in your kitchen for larger cabinets, but taller cabinets are a great upgrade in a kitchen with taller ceilings. Rather than a standard 36" upper cabinet, choose a 42" upper cabinet to maximize storage in the given space.


Light colors can be the difference between a claustrophobia inducing clutter, and a welcoming, open kitchen. Choosing a lighter finish for the cabinets creates the illusion of a more open space. Darker colors tend to make rooms look smaller, plus, dark wood shows more dust and scratches which can become a problem in a busy kitchen.


In a small kitchen, counter space is a rare and valuable resource. Try to minimize the number of containers and trinkets on the counter. Find a cabinet or drawer that can be dedicated to these various items. Roll-out trays are a great tool that can be used in a small kitchen to maximize storage.

Any questions or comments? Looking for some advice? Ask one of our designers by leaving a comment below.

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