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Eat Healthy During Kitchen Renovation

Remodeling your kitchen can make healthy eating a lot more difficult. Without access to countertops, stoves, sinks, and ovens, many remodelers are stuck eating out at local restaurants. This can become expensive and unhealthy very quickly. Here are a few tips on how to eat healthy during a kitchen renovation without having to spend a fortune at restaurants.


While your new kitchen is being remodeled, set up a small table in a nearby room to be the base for your temporary mini kitchen. Be sure to place it by an outlet so you can still power the coffee maker! Utensils and appliances can be stored under the table for easy access.


Breakfast with a blender is quick and simple at a mini kitchen. Throw any combination of fruits, vegetables, or yogurt into the blender and you’ve got a healthy smoothie. Crock pots are great when you want a healthy meal but can’t be in the kitchen all day. Slow cook meals generally require minimal prep time and can be left alone for hours. Perfect for a busy renovation day.


Before you begin the kitchen renovation, cook some meals and throw them in the freezer. That way during the renovation process, you can pull out pre-made meals and heat them up at the mini kitchen.


Your grill can do anything your stove and oven can do. Grilled vegetables, meats, baked potatoes, and even pizza are possible on a grill! Eating healthy during a kitchen renovation is no problem with a grill available.

Any questions or comments? Looking for some advice? Ask one of our designers by leaving a comment below.

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