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Creating the Perfect Dining Room

An attractive, practical dining room can elevate your home and be a wonderful place to gather with guests or family. Whether it is a room you only use for special occasions, a room you eat every meal in, or something in between; below are some tips to create a dining room customized just for you.


The dining room table will be the center of attention in the dining room so take your time searching for the table right for you. Look through catalogs and browse the web to decide what features you would like. Features to think about include: rectangular or oval, traditional or contemporary, rustic or clean. The biggest factor in deciding on a table is generally size of the room. If you are thinking about eventually putting in some china cabinets or a home bar, be sure to leave some extra space in the dining room.


Choosing the right chairs for your dining room can up the décor of the room and create a more formal (or playful) mood in the room. Coordinate the color scheme of the room with an attention-grabbing color scheme. Popular right now is using mismatching chairs in the same color family.


Lighting in a dining room is typically provided by a chandelier. Centering the chandelier above the table is a perfect way to tie everything together. Using candles as the centerpiece of the table is another way to complete the room as well as add to the warm, formal feel. Any artwork or flowers used should complement the furniture to keep the dining room comfortable and easy to the eye.

Any questions or comments? Looking for some advice? Ask one of our designers by leaving a comment below.

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