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The Biggest DON'TS of Home Improvement

Don’t Ignore Safety

Taking extra precautions throughout a home improvement project can prevent injuries and even save lives. Turning off the breakers, wearing safety goggles, and not overloading outlets are simple precautions that when ignored can result in disaster.

2. Don’t Skip the Primer

The primer is what makes or breaks a successful paint job. It creates a solid bond for the paint to adhere to so that the paint job lasts longer.

3. Don’t Get “Some Guy”, Get a Pro

A botched home renovation can lead to hundreds or even thousands of dollars of extra work. Spend the extra money on a licensed professional to reduce risk.

4. Don’t Skip the Subfloor

Laminate and hardwood floors need a subfloor.

A subfloor protects the floor from moisture and helps with soundproofing.

5. Don’t Do Anything Before Getting a Permit

Nobody wants to invest their time and money in a beautiful home improvement project only to find out it needs to be ripped out because they did not have a permit. Be sure to find out the rules and regulations for building permits before starting your project.

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