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Ten Remodeling Lessons We Learned from our Favorite Property Brothers

When it comes to remodeling, Jonathan and Drew Scott have seen it all. Whether it’s an entire house remodel or just wanting to give your bathroom a new look, it’s always best to get advice from the experts. Below are some tips from our favorite brothers over at HGTV.

Create a Design That Will Stand the Test of Time

While the Scott brothers definitely go for a fresh, updated look, they always opt for timeless choices, especially when it comes to the more permanent decisions. For example, choosing kitchen cabinets that are sleek and on-trend, but their bright white color will ensure they will never look dated or dull.

Make your Home as Comfy as it is Stylish

Picking furniture that is stylish but comfortable that will also stand the test of time is critical. Stick with more neutral colors for your major pieces but dress up with color using accents that are easy to switch out time and again.

Don’t be Afraid to Mix Old with New

Pairing antiques with trendy pieces is the best way to establish this. Putting a beautiful wood cabinet and a stylish patterned chair together is a beautiful way to make your space feel more personalized. The best part is that it helps keeps the cost of the remodel down by recycling old pieces that you already have in your home.

Work With What You’ve Got

This ties into mixing the old with the new but more with entire room. Taking a garage that seems to just be a dumping ground for stuff and transforming with a few cabinets and storage units and you can transform that room into a useable workshop.

Storage is Key

You can never have enough storage. Using barn doors to hide a pantry are a trendy yet functional way to hide the storage area.

Incorporate Your Lifestyle Into Your Home’s Design

The Scott brothers love golf, so they designed their very own backyard putting green at their Las Vegas home. Have a green thumb? Make sure your backyard leaves plenty of space for gardening. If you’re an avid crafter, carve out a crafting space.

Accentuate Your Home’s Character

Does your home have a unique architectural piece? Tie them into the design of your home using like accents. A beautiful stained glass window for instance, use throw pillows to tie into the colors of the window. The lesson here, when you have bones that beautiful, don’t mess with them. Instead, draw attention to them.

Opt for Lighting with a Wow Factor

The best place to provide your place with that homey glow is a light fixture that pops. Whether that’s a bedazzled chrome chandelier in a dining room or a beautiful antique lamp for a reading area, never use boring fixtures when remodeling.

Be Selective when Choosing Paint

Choose a paint color that reflects the mood you’d like to achieve. Soft blues are a great option if you are looking to establish a spa-like feel in your new master suite.

Don’t Forget about Your Most Loyal Companion(s)

If your furry friend plays a big role in your life, why leave them out of your renovation? Think about incorporating a doggy station into a cabinet to keep the pup’s feeding area clean and tidy.

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