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Happy Hour at home? Yes, please!

Are you looking for the perfect bar for you dining room or kitchen? Skip the furniture stores and visit us at Affordable Quality Cabinets! We can provide an economical alternative that will be a perfect fit for both your home and your wallet!

We will take stock RTA cabinets and create a beautiful piece that will complement your style and optimize the use of your space. We can order cabinets in reduced or increased depth to perfectly fit your space.

Do you want to create a focal point using glass door cabinets? Not a problem! Are you a wine lover looking for a beautiful way to display your collection, we’ve got you covered. We can even provide you with the options of roll-out trays! Also, with crown molding, light rails, and decorative door panels, your wet bar will look like a one of a kind, built in piece!

What corner of your home is asking for a custom solution? Contact us today and we will help you design the space of your dreams!

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