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Clutter free kitchen anyone?

Have you ever stood and just stared at your newly clean kitchen and in the back of your mind a little voice says "I really hope this lasts more than a day!"? We've all been there! Counter space is precious, so keeping your kitchen counters clean and clutter free is easier said than done, we know! Read below for some tips to make that clean and clutter free kitchen last longer!

Using an extra piece of trim (we can provide you with that in your cabinet order!) and a handful of nails is a great way to store while beautifully displaying your pans for cooking. You can also use extra cabinet pulls as a fun way to hang your cutting boards!

A great tool for any home chef is a wall organization system (check out this one from IKEA!). This setup is great for holding a cookbook or tablet at eye level, making it easy to check out recipes while cooking! Your most used spices are easy to reach making cooking a breeze!

If you don’t have the space to add extra shelving, a magnetic organization rack turns the side of your fridge into a handy storage nook corralling those random that every kitchen has! It keeps them out of the way but easily accessible for when they are needed!

Make these smart moves to banish countertop clutter for good and keep those surface free and clear!

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