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Kitchen Projects every homeowner should know about!

These days the kitchen is the most important room in the house. The main hub is where we spend most of days, whether cooking meals, entertaining, or doing homework. With the increased focus on functionality comes a lot of stuff that needs fixing, replacing, tweaking, cleaning, and organizing. For this you’ll need to arm yourself with some kitchen knowledge so you can stay on top of what’s most important. See below for some projects that are good for every home owner to know about.

1. Choosing a new kitchen sink.

It’s doubtful that anything in your kitchen will be used as much as your sink. So it’s really important to choose the right one, size, width, style for your space.

2. Picking a new kitchen faucet.

While a faucet is an essential in a kitchen, it will also help define the style of your kitchen.

3. Picking your cabinets.

Do you know what colors you want to use? Do you know the difference between an inset, a partial overlay, and a full overlay are? With these little pieces of knowledge will have a huge impact on how you view, design, or remodel you kitchen.

4. Choosing new cabinet knobs and pulls.

This project sounds like it would be easy, right? It might seem that way until you realize just how many styles of knobs, pulls, hinges, and more there are to choose from!

5. Organize everything!

From the pantry and shelves to the cabinets and appliances, we accumulate a lot of stuff in our kitchens. Have a game plan in place to get everything in order!

6. Build a mail and message center.

Clutter is not just kitchen related, it comes from outside the kitchen as well! A great way to take control of the clutter is to build a space for all that clutter to keep it clean and from spreading to the rest of your beautiful kitchen!

7. Keeping your white kitchen looking white.

All-white kitchens are still all the rage so of course, keeping them clean is all the rage too! Although tempting, do not use abrasive cleaners or scouring pads on painted cabinets, as they can scratch or dull the finish. A soft cotton cloth dampened with warm water is usually sufficient to keep your cabinets looking white. If more thorough cleansing is required, use a solution of mild dishwashing liquid mixed with warm water. After cleaning, wipe all surfaces with a clean, damp cloth. Dry immediately using another soft, clean cloth.

8. Shop for appliances wisely.

No two ovens or microwaves or refrigerators are created equal. Do you really need that double oven? If you love to bake and entertain, then yes it’s a worthwhile investment but if you have a small family and don’t entertain very often, you will be able to get away with making do with a single oven and a microwave convection oven. These are all things that you want to have figured out beforehand!

9. Cookbook/Tablet stand.

If you love to cook, these are a must! You can either build your own or grab an inexpensive one on amazon!

10. Add storage to your back splash for hanging pots, pans, and utensils.

Already have a back splash but want to make better use of it? Installing systems for hanging utensils and pans is a great way to maximize that wall.

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