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Hip Hip Hooray It's Independence Day!!

Freedom, Fireworks, Food, Family and Fun!! The Fourth of July is here, time to break out the red, white and blue and fire up the grill!

For some, hosting a Fourth of July party can seem like a lot of work and can get pretty costly; but it doesn’t have to break your back or the bank. Here are some easy, low cost ideas that will have the neighborhood talking about your party for the rest of the summer.

Of course none of us plan on breaking out the fine china for a backyard BBQ! These red, white and blue plasticware wrap-ups are a cute and easy way to provide eating utensils for the party! All you need is red plasticware, blue napkins and a white silverware wrap. You can mix up the colors of course and make it your own!

If you prefer less work than wrapping several rolls of plasticware, try this fun DIY project. Buy some mason jars, spray paint them red, white and blue and put the plasticware in them. After everyone is done eating you could fill them with candles, flags, or sparklers!

Buy some red, white and blue bandanas and use them on the buffet table to set the food containers on. It will effectively keep the surrounding area clean, and add a nice touch of color!

Create a patriotic table runner by tying the ends together, or use them as place mats, hang them as a banner, or as another creative way to wrap your plasticware!

It's hot this summer, so let’s get something to cool you down! With this cool, patriotic drink you’ll keep everyone happy and refreshed!

What you need:

· Cranberry juice, chilled

· Blue Gatorade (not sugar-free),


· Sprite Zero, chilled

· Ice

Fill each glass to the top with ice. The trick to the layering is to make sure that you slowly pour each layer directly onto the ice so it doesn’t make contact with the other liquids or it will mix. Start with the cranberry juice, filling the cup about 1/3 of the way. Follow with the Gatorade, and top it off with the sprite zero. You can use cherries and blueberries on toothpicks as a garnish, or simply put a flag in it and send it on it’s way. Serve immediately!

With these simple, fun ideas everyone at the party is sure to have a blast and you'll be excited to throw your next bash!!

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Have a fun and safe Fourth of July!!!!

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